Ice Skating in Phoenix. Yes it does happen!

Yes we do have Ice Skating. We have been going to the CityScape rink in downtown Phoenix for a couple of years now. We spent about three and a half hours there, lots of fun.

A shot from above of half of the rink while the ice was being cleaned.

It was really tricky getting good shots. 1- They have some fun lights that were constantly changing, annoying for the camera to get exposure/AWB right. A lot of them ended up as very high ISO shots as I tried to keep the shutter speed high.
2- There were a lot of people. I would get a fun shot ruined by someone skating in from of my crew. The A6000 and 50mm SEL did really well keeping focus, but occasionally got confused and focused on the wrong crew.
3- I am not a great skater and being in Phoenix, although it was a chilly 43 F, the ice was constantly mushy. I braved taking my new A6000 onto the ice, but I was real careful as to when I pulled it out.

On the ice shots:

Off the ice break:



May 7, 2011
Excellent shots, captures the mood and action...

We had 59F yesterday and feels like 9F now with arctic air... All the rain splashes from this morning look like ice ring every where...

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