I'd SO buy this! A Canon mirrorless full frame imagined.


Vancouver, BC
Once upon a time Canon - heck, all the major makers - made nice rangefinders.

The SLR was born to solve some problems rangefinders had. Today with electronics, one can build a compact that will do macro or somewhat long telephoto work well, where the film rangefinder has issues with this.

Time for full circle, or almost full circle. I doubt we'll see a resurgence of RF cameras but small compacts with EVFs taking small lenses.... sure!
It is interesting - I still have a couple of (no longer used but working) film rangefinders and traded in an almost complete Contax G2 kit for my D300 4 years ago.

I now find myself with a Panny G2 building an RF-like kit again (28mm - 50mm - 90mm EFL primes). I just need someone to produce a 21mm EFL Biogon-like lens now...