If you are a fan of the FZ200 or if you are considering buying one . . .

Jock Elliott

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Jan 3, 2012
Troy, NY
There are some very useful resources that you should be aware of.

Graham Houghton has put together a series of videos on the FZ200 here: https://www.youtube.com/user/ghough12

and a series of downloadable PDF documents, including a complete users manual (much, much better than the factory manual) and a series of "tip" cards (such as photographing the moon, capturing birds in flight, etc.) that are available here: http://www.grahamhoughton.com/download-section

I found these materials to be informative and useful and -- appealing to my Scottish thrift genes -- they are free. If you want a hard copy of the manual, it is available through Amazon for a price.

Cheers, Jock

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