If you could only have 1 camera (inc lens) What would it be?

Sep 8, 2010
London UK
I am having one of my 'got too much stuff, too much faffing about and GAS' moments and got thinking about just having 1 camera and lens or 1 camera with fixed lens. If I sold all my gear I could afford something real nice, possibly the RX1?

So if you had to have 1 camera what would it be and why?


Jul 8, 2010
I go through that periodically. For me, the Ricoh GRD was always my one camera camera. Now it would be the GR (or Nikon A). You can do a lot with 28mms and they are light and compact cameras. One of these days I'll just have to do that.
Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
I would probably say The Fuji X100, but if you really sold all your gear (and I know you have a lot), the RX1 would be a no-brainer. I wouldn't think twice about it. The images I have seen here speak volumes about the quality. And I haven't heard too many complaints about it in use.


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May 11, 2011
Seattle, Washington USA
Bruce J. Pritchard
I've nickeled and dimed my way up... had every NEX version and model but acquired quite a bit o' gear. Three points, the first is that there are many who believe, me included, that the RX1 is pretty much a rig that has so much right about it that it easily fits the description of one camera/lens to die for.

The second point, there's a reason for the Sony NEX gear turnover rate for me. The images seem technically sharp ...but rather flat, in other words, foreground and backgrounds seem to be on the same plane and I've used Nikon, Leica and Contax glass as well as Sony. It's just the way Sony renders. The RX1 is closer but still slightly missing that emotional connection of placing you in that time and space of the original experience.

The third is I've had more buyer's remorse over Sony camera products than any other brand. Part because of left feeling cold over the rendering, part and most importantly, devaluation. I look at what I spent on NEX gear and what those pieces are worth now because it's such a large corporation, the market is absolutely flooded with this stuff that's unfortunately all tainted with engineered obsolescence and that is what keeps me from pulling the trigger on anything Sony, but the RX1 may prove this wrong.

One nice thing I will say about Sony, I was able to trade in all my lenses and NEX gear AND a few grand that enabled me to get a nice used Leica M9 w/Summilux 50 which is my one camera and lens. (it'll have to be for a while!)

S Noel

Oct 5, 2010
Casey County, KY (Liberty)
Stephen Noel
As much as I like the Idea. I don't think I will. But one every day, body and lens, with a long lens for occasional "critter shot, is a real possibility. Most likely some model of OM m4/3. Currently a E-p2, but would like to move up to later sensor.


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Jun 20, 2012
Hood River, OR
I feel like I can get the most done and also be the most creative with either the X100 or an old minolta XD and a 28mm lens. So my answer would be the X100S and a wide angle adaptor, which is "technically" not another lens, right? (winces)

Ray Sachs

Sep 21, 2010
Not too far from Philly
you should be able to figure it out...
Well, perish the thought, first of all. But if I had to, it would be a tough call. The RX1 is an amazing camera and I would probably choose that on pure quality alone. But even as I get more comfortable with the 35mm focal length, I know that 28mm is still a more natural focal length for me, so I'd probably go for the Coolpix A or Ricoh GR instead. That said, if having one conversion lens (no moving parts, etc) was an option, I might just go for an X100s with the 28mm conversion lens also. So, technically I'd have both focal lengths and I'd have that amazing Fuji hybrid viewfinder and their killer jpegs. But if a conversion lens wasn't allowed I'd probably go for either the RX1 or one of the new 28mm fraternal twins from Ricoh and Nikon. So, I'd think about what focal length you're most comfortable with and go from there.

Or, get a compact zoom like the RX100 or X20 or LX7. I'd have trouble going with any of those over a larger sensor fixed focal length fixed lens. But you may not feel that way and they're all really capable cameras.



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Dec 22, 2011
Copenhagen, Denmark
For me that one camera is the Sony RX100, at least at this point in time.
Odd as it might sound I believe it covers my needs better than a RX1, X100s or Ricoh GR would.
The image quality keeps surprising me, it's so comfortably into "good enough" territory that I don't spend much time wondering how it would do compared to my Nikon D5100, and I find it quite easy to use once configured to my liking. Add in the compact size, the convinient zoom range and the good JPEG engine and it's pretty much a complete package. For what I want and need of course.

After buying and getting to know the RX100 I find myself with much less GAS, and much more focus on taking images than looking at gear, than I have been in a long time.


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Aug 7, 2011
Jersey Shore
I have to admit, the RX1 would probably be my top choice. If I couldn't swing that, then it would be the Fuji X100s. If the fates allowed me to add one other camera - for a total of two in my kit - it would be the Ricoh GR so I had something pocketable with high quality when I needed it.
Sep 8, 2010
London UK
I have the DP2m which I will not get rid of as it is such an interesting camera but it's shortfalls make me need something else. I have sold my X-Pro1 & LX7. The Pro1 went due to not liking how it felt in the hand plus it felt too light for me and just not right. The IQ was superb though. The LX7 was good but most images suffered the same lack of pixel peeping IQ as all compacts and I feel I need nothing less that APS-C. The X100 I had I really did like a lot. The images from it were superb. I would be happy I think to get another or the X100s although I'm a little concerned about some peoples feelings on the IQ not being as good as the X100??

Another option would be to get a full frame DSLR or the RX1. I could afford a 6D/600D and 1 lens but the RX1 may be a stretch although not impossible. The size and weight of the DSLR puts me off though. At the moment it would probably be the X100s and hope that Fuji update the firmware which I'm sure they would.


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Aug 15, 2010
It would have to be a smaller camera. I'm not going to be able to have my "only" camera be too big.

Thinking through it, I'm jammed between one of two choices:

EPL5 + PL25 or the RX100.

The former is the best image performance for it's size, IMO, and still gives some DOF control. The latter is more versatile.


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Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Interesting reading. I'm afraid I can't even begin to answer this question because I feel a though I may be on the cusp of a whole new type of subject matter...but I'm not sure yet, so I'll tread water with the two cameras (X100 and X10) I have...for now.:wink:

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