If you could spend a day with any photographer, past or present, who would it be and why?


Paul Caponigro or Edward Weston. Or Minor White. It's hard to choose.

Did I mention Paul Strand, Dorothea Lange, or Walker Evans? And I probably learned more technically from Ansel Adams' series, especially The Negative than just about anything.

Could I have a week, one day with each of the above??
that's more than one !! I'd have put Ansel Adams as well as Julia Margaret Cameron ;)


his huge land camera

Are you sure you mean that?
A "land camera" is generally only used to refer to a camera designed by Edwin Land - what came to be called Polaroid cameras.

Atget used what we would now call a "view" camera, and died about 20 years before Land cameras became available.


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Don McCullin and Martin Parr. Both great photographers but also, as far as it's possible to tell from interviews and videos, both decent blokes who would be happy to share their knowledge and experience. Kertesz also seems to have been a good sort by all accounts so I'd add him in too.

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