If you suffer from arachnophobia, DON'T LOOK, you have been warned


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These were all taken this afternoon with a Panasonic G1 fitted with a 150mm, f/4 Kern Paillard Yvar C mount lens (for 16mm movie camera) on 60mm of extension tube.

The camera was hand held and focus was adjusted by rocking backwards and forwards with the focus magnification facility selected. I might invest in a monopod.

Is this a practical setup? well probably not but mostly enjoyable.

Is the image quality worth using this setup? well I'll leave that to you.

Only one of these photographs has been cropped.

This shot features both a female and the smaller male, he's dicing with death in pursuit of love, and came in and out many times shaking the web and judging the females reactions. He could end up as her evening meal, rather than her lover for the night.

He's persistant, I'll give him that, but is he brave or foolhardy? (this is the cropped image)

Sometimes it's the good guys who end up as a meal.



Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Yikes!!! I do suffer a bit from arachnophobia but had to look...though I scrolled through quickly, I'm very impressed, Barrie! Fantastic closeups, even if they do give me the creeps!

I almost ran into, literally, a huge spider the other day while out walking my dog... He was strung across from a hedge to a low hanging tree branch. I would have been completely freaked out if I had!

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