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Fuji Showcase If you're considering the Fuji 2X converter...


Jun 16, 2012
Viera, Florida
I have no complaints. I still fight the FF vs. APS-C fight, having FF Sonys as well. So far, if I want the shot I see in my viewfinder and don't need to rely on cropping, these Fuji bodies/lenses are every bit as practically sharp as the Sonys and I totally prefer the Fuji's colors. This was my first outing with the X-H1, and I never wanted a Fuji DSLR-style body, I really prefer the X-Pro2 to the X-H1, but in a GAS attack I bought the X-H1. I'll probably keep the X-H1 until I can put that new 16-80 stabilized lens on my X-Pro2 in the Fall.

I posted on Facebook in a discussion about this lens versus the Sony 100-400, and came to this... I sold the Sony because I preferred the Fuji, AND selling the Sony lens paid not only for the Fuji 100-400, but the X-Pro2 as well. Easy choice for me.

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