Film Showcase Ilford Delta 400


Sep 19, 2015
I love this film. Kodak TMY is so expensive that I could only afford it for 120 film size. I believe both to be excellent. Available in bulk load. It is very sharp and the tones are creamy. I like this in Ilford DDX.

Nordic Aperture

New Member
Aug 4, 2017
Leica M4, 5cm summicron, delta400, xtol 1:1

Leica M4, 35mm summicron, delta400 @1600 asa, Xtol 1:1

Ricoh GR1V, delta 400, xtol 1:1

Nikon F, nikkor 35mm ai f/2.8, delta 400, xtol 1:1

Leica M6, 35mm summicron, Ilford Delta 400 at 1600, Xtol 1:1

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