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Thanks for the replies folks!

I have to agree with a lot of you on the issue of no viewfinder on the RX1, it's been my one main issue causing all sorts of lines of thought to how I will get on with the stand alone body. Even justifying the viewfinder as some sort of comfort blanket to hide behind always keeping me detached from the scene. Yep I'm working hard to get this one lol!

I'm sure in the future I'll add the EVF when my bank account has settled down. But thinking back I've found myself using the live view lcd on a fair few times, so as long as I can get use to supporting the body at the right distance I may find I use it more than I first thought.

The interesting thing I found while reading the replies was looking at some of your work and some of your galleries Christilou, Ray, Livnius, Armanius, stillhunter....

In doing so soon realising the art of photography is far more interesting than what equipment was being used. Give Ray who seems to have a very large camera bag a bloody magnifying glass and a piece of paper and he'll knock out a work of art. Loved the Taxi under the Marriot Hotel.

So the sooner I get the thing forget about it and just take some pictures the better!

Thanks again for your advice all!


Veteran thing I have to mention:

The OVF (Voigtlander) works great too and it's pretty (relatively) cheap.

It's easy to get used to and as long as you use it in situations where it can do the's fine.

One thing I will mention; the RX1 is all about image quality....period. That's it's deal. A full frame sensor mated to a sick-good lens.


There are other cameras who have really good IQ also without the drawbacks of the RX1 (viewfinder for one)...I just got rid of the X100S and If it weren't for the darned soft-wide-open-at-close-distance issue..I wouldn't be here. I LOVED that camera....the hybrid OVF was worth the cost...the camera was just included in the deal!! :)

If I couldn't afford the RX1...I'd certainly have the X100S and that'd be it...

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I burst out laughing when I read Armando's comment, followed by Joe's remarks about "crying" and now yours Mark!

Mark, I didn't even realize you had this camera?!?!?!?!?

P.S. By the way, why am I torturing myself????????

Just stay at least 10 feet from the traction beam. You'll be ok. Just think, in a very short amount of time there will be a new stronger traction beam you'll have to stay clear of. (8>)
I sold my whole Canon kit including a 5D mkII, a bunch of L glass and some strobes to get the RX1 (and a VW Golf) and couldn't be happier. If you haven't already sold it, maybe keep both? The value of the Fuji isn't so great that you'd notice the difference over time and then you'd have a choice of camera depending on your mood and needs. Just an idea I wish someone had suggested to me. Cheers and happy shooting!
The second I heard that a full-frame compact with a 35mm Zeiss lens was hitting the market (that did not have the price tag of a Leica), I wanted it immediately, but did not pull the trigger.

Beat around the bush for a while with the micro 4/3 system, but was not getting the IQ I wanted due to the small sensor. Exchanged for a Canon 6D (full-frame) and a Canon 24-105mm f/4L lens and was content for a bit. Solid rig, but the lens had some focus and softness problems. Exchanged that lens for a Zeiss 35mm f/2 MF lens because of its rave reviews and wanting to try MF. Phenomenal lens, but attached to the 6D body with a grip, two batteries and a filter, the rig was over 4 pounds. Not good times. Kept the body, but tried a Canon 35mm f/1.4L lens; still not exactly the rig I was looking for.

Enter the announcement of the RX1R. The reviews made me want one all over again; the IQ made me drool. Compact? ✓. Lightweight? ✓. Full-frame? ✓. Zeiss glass? ✓. Custom accessories? ✓.

Ended up exchanging every single piece of Canon for the RX1R and could not be happier.


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I think I will be keeping the X100 R Malanson, it's been a great camera and probably due to the size and quality used the most over other kit I've had in the past. Consequently it's been knocked around a little and probably wouldn't fetch much secondhand. Lost the lens cover last month joy!

It's interesting to read the type of kit people change from to pick up the RX1. It's not like it's not excellent quality equipment they are using already...Jerk, R Malanson.

I like the idea of all that quality in a small form factor too, it does limit things to a certain extent but at the same time I like the discipline and challenge of a prime lens.
I was into shooting wildlife years ago and am determined to get some more with the RX1, no idea how yet though! lol, Walk softly and carry a full size sensor someone once said, or something like that.:)

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