Fuji I'm going to m43, wait--dangit, no I'm not.


Jul 28, 2012
Denver, Colorado
So, I'm a classic flake and a cheapass. I like to try out and re-try out lenses and systems. I've used Fuji as my "main" system for several months now, which is likely a personal record. So I have a Panasonic G5, which feels so much better in my hands than the XE-1. I know the Fuji sensor is better, but I'm doing my shades of gray rationalization to switch. I received the 55-200mm today, more for curiousity than anything else and was playing "compare it" around 120mm eq. with a 60mm f2.8 Olympus macro lens (really a nice nice lens). It's getting a little dark inside and I like to use this one puzzle-picture which really has great detail (hand-painted in Guanajuato). The G5 does decently at 3200 ISO and even 6400 ISO isn't awful.
Then I take a series with the Fuji and it's better at 3200/6400 but not a huge difference.

Later I'm screwing around some more and decide on what I would call a "torture test" for any zoom lens. 6400 ISO, Wide Open 200mm (max focal length) @f4.8. I'm about 8 feet from the object taking the snaps free-hand at 1/13 exposure.
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