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As beautiful as it is the only one for me is the AC Cobra. Weirdly my grandfather used to work for AC Cars at Thames Ditton back in the 50's as a Paint sprayer. He used to spray the chassis and bodies of the AC Ace which later became the Cobra after Carroll Shelby got his hands on it.



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I'm sure this is a generational thing (or not) but It is my humble opinion that the height of automobile design (as opposed to technology) was reached in the mid 20th century. I love the idea of a classic 1950s or 60s design being made available with modern running gear. When Ford redid the Mustang in a retro vein a decade ago, I was hoping they'd go use the smaller 1964-66 body as their template. They went with the 1967-68 design instead which wasn't bad. But Ian's Mark 2 is great: Inspector Morse on steroids.

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