Fuji I'm new here but lots of you know me from Mu-43 and SC


Jul 11, 2010
Hi fellow Xers!
Though I've had a Fuji since the X100 (I ordered one from Japan in April 2011 before it was available in the U.S.) and the X Pro 1 since it first came out in late winter 2012 I never registered here (though I visit now and then). When I first got the X Pro 1 with original firmware I almost returned it in the first week because the focus was really slow and often missed focus. However I found a working system (at the time mostly using continuous focus) and Fuji has been really good with firmware updates and improvements and seems to have the best lens roadmap of any mirrorless camera producers.

I 'm a big fan of small cameras and currently shoot Fuji X E-1, M4/3, Sony RX1, Nikon Coolpix A and I also have Nikon FF and Leica M (though I am about to sell the M) since I would rather shoot with the Fuji or Sony than the Leica.


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Hi Lisa - glad to see you found your way here! I'll second Tdp's offer - and we've met, so I should get first dibs.:biggrin_old:

If you're still using Flickr, please consider adding a link to your signature line...and if you've got another photo hosting site by all means add it, as well.


Jul 11, 2010
Thanks BB! I added a signature with links to flickr, 500px and G+ and Avatar but so far neither are showing. Though I see them when I check my settings for them.

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