I'm pleased with this


Mar 1, 2011
Wonderful landscape there, the lines leading you gently over the image are just spot on.


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Very different from what it would have been like in color, and I like it too, very much, Paul. Those two highlighted grass "heads" or flowers - not sure what you call them - in the left forefront are an extra special touch that anchor the image and add to the movement within. What a wonderful view. Perchance are we down in the vale for this one?


Jan 2, 2011
thanks to all for comments so far ...

@BB - yes they are lit and positioned just nicely - I'm not good at grain crops but this is probably wheat or barley and so probably are they ... no, not Vale, but a few miles adjacent ... there are a few more of this field system on Flickr in various degrees of colour treatment
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Apr 23, 2011
It's barley. Barley has those long spines (called awns) on the end of each grain which gives it that soft flowing outline. Each head is usually called an ear, in Scots it's called an icker.

I'm dead handy in a pub quiz too!
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