Micro 4/3 Images from the Panasonic Lumix G3


Jul 13, 2010
Sunny Frimley
Nice and detailed shot but the colour always disappoints me with the Panasonics. It always looks very "hard" to me and I like sharp, contrasty stuff! Perhaps it's just the colour signature of the Panasonic series which I know people will say is easily fixed. I've owned Panasonic GH1, GH2 and LX3.


Jul 11, 2010
Ontario, Canada
Well that's a nice shot. Beautiful detail.

From what I have seen, the G3 jpegs are a big improvement, but since this was RAW I assume the colour work is your choice...

I like the Panasonic colour because I find it accurate and neutral in RAW, and a pleasure to work with. But this is all very much personal choice.

That lens sure grabs the detail.


Jul 13, 2010
Sunny Frimley
This looks much better to me now that I've switched from my iMac to my iPad! Colours are much softer here. I guess that the iMac would show the truest though :rolleyes:


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Uh oh, now we're going to get into calibration talk.:p

Andy, that's an amazing rose! You all seem to have a real knack for roses. How's that for a stereotypical comment - the Brits and their roses?:wink: I'd completely forgotten that you now had the G3!

Christina, I'm with you on the Panasonic colors...at least from my LX5, however I seemed to quickly learn how to deal with it.

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