Micro 4/3 Images from the Panasonic Lumix G3


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I'm trying out my manual focus lenses on the G3, and started out with the Fujian 35mm f/1.7. Here are some shots wide open:




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All cameras are mine except the Fuji F550EXR which i keep at home and can use as i like but belongs to the store. When i have sold 24 of them then i can keep it for myself forever. I'm now in charge of the Panasonic section and apparently i'm getting a 100-300mm lens which is rather cool, Can't wait to try that bad boy out!!!!:biggrin:

Congratulations Andy on being the "Man in the know" and in charge of the Panasonic section - know who to come to for advice!

Out of interest, I have recently ordered the GX1+14-42X to replace my GF1 and wanted to get an ever ready case, chased Panasonic UK and finally heard back yesterday that they are offering a nice leather case for the GX1 in brown & black that looks old style similar to that for the X100 - are you able to provide an idea of cost / availability (I have a credit note with the store I am getting my kit through - London Camera Exchange in Bristol, so not too worried just curious to see if it will arrive in Jan with the camera/lens kit)?


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I like the photo of Buster, as well as another one at your website. On the website, #15 with the sunset (or sunrise), could you tell me the EXIF information?
Thank you. What other info do you require other than what is supplied to the right of the image on the 500px page ? It was taken around 11-19hrs GMT, AWB, aperture priority, -2/3ev, edited in Aperture 3 using quick fix preset, RAW file.


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Just running through some of last year's G3 pics , this of the RAF's Red Arrows with the 100-300 lens made me pause.


Sadly in the intervening months 2 of the pilots have died , one following a possible bird strike and the other when an ejector seat fired unintentionally on the ground.
No doubt that their successors will be back this year to entertain.

( The G3 and the 100-300mm lens works really well for m4/3 )


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Wow - that is a graphic statement of power and finesse! I am terribly sad to read that two of the pilots died in the following months, nippa. Your photograph certainly points to happier times.

Seeing the photos on this thread with the different lenses is very enticing to me with my fixed lens cameras.:wink:

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