Fuji Impressed with my first Fuji camera X10


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Been playing around with an X10 I got recently for a good price from a colleague of mine who's upgrading to the X20 when its available.

The sensor has already been replaced.

My main interest is street photography and city landscapes and I must say I'm truly impressed with the results so far.

The colours and details are so vibrant and naturally stunning even prior post processing.

Its definitely a keeper for me at this time and a gem of a camera to take along anywhere.

As a first time Fuji owner, I am happy with my purchase and certainly look forward to trying out their new products in future.

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I'm not surprised; the X10 is an impressive little machine. It was my first Fuji digital camera and it has made me want some of the others -- probably the X100, since the 4/3 system centered around the E-M5 works fine for me as a system, and right now has many more choices of premium prime lenses. But I confess to lusting after either the X-E1 or the X-Pro, the optical finder in the latter of which would be really, really nice to have.


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I loved the X10 too. It was the one gear return I keep thinking back on. I'm seriously considering the X20 instead of buying back an X10 (but I still might given its relatively attractive prices right now). But yes, the X-E1's pull is rather strong -- I want those Fuji colors! I have an m43 system, so I'm thinking I can live with that exceptional X-E1 kit lens (for now), instead of the X20. But either way, I see myself with a Fuji in the near future.


I own a boatload of cameras, some very capable ones, but my X10 is one of my favorites, by a good stretch. Unlike the other bodies, it's not threatened to get sold on a whim. I'm not parting with this baby...

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