In Venice, Italy with the Fuji X100

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Thank you everybody. It has been a joy to have the X100 in Venice. I am also shooting with a 5DMKII as well as EPL2 and XZ-1, not all at one time though. I usually take one or two at a time but have been out for many hours at a time shooting yesterday I was out from 9:30 until 6:45 shooting with 5D 2 lenses and the X100. So much walking and many stairs and bridges not to mention that my hotel room is 3rd floor walk up. Some situations I will take the big DSLR but after yesterday and this morning too I will be carrying the X100 and EPL2 later today. Sometimes I just go super light with the X100.

Here are a few from the X100 yesterday, the colorful one's are Burano, the other is Piazza San Marco. It didn't rain the water just comes up from the ground in Piazza San Marco with high tide.

More can be found here:
Venice Selects - a set on Flickr



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