In which the HX400V delivers the goods once again.

Jock Elliott

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Jan 3, 2012
Troy, NY
That hawk looks well fed. I imagine the cemetery is pretty well void of any small mammals.
Lots of woodchucks. Muskrats. Lots of chipmunks. Squirrels. The cemetery is over 300 acres and woodsy enough that we see deer, wild turkey, and fox there as well, plus there are populations of ducks and geese on the ponds.

Cheers, Jock


At Bolsa Chica where I photographed often, the falcons would catch rats and mice and consume them, then drop the remains (skeleton) onto the ground and go after more prey. If hawks do likewise, it would be odd to visit a grave and possibly see a few little critter skeletons lying around. (Possible morbid picture idea)

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