Leica Showcase Industar-50 Collapsible Mount 50mm F3.5

This lens is a Tessar formula 50/3.5 in a brass mount with "very shiny Chrome". Performance compares well with the post-war 50/3.5 coated Elmar and coated Zeiss Tessar 5cm F3.5. The I-50 is the third formulation of the 50/3.5 Tessar in the Industar series, it improves on the optics of the Industar-22 and Industar-10. The I-50 and I-22 both have similar aperture rings, both are easier to use than the Elmar.
This lens is easy to work on, remove the stop screw to separate the helical. Be prepared with Lighter Fluid, Alcohol, Q-Tips, paper towels, and a fine-point screwdriver to get the old grease out. I use a heavy lubricant, you can fine similar heavy grease in the plumbing department of a hardware store.

This lens did not need the shim changed to focus properly on my M9. The very slight back-focus was well covered by the DOF. I've worked on others that required the shim to be changed, made thicker by ~0.2mm. To remove the optical module you need to remove the light baffle from the rear. It needs to be pried out, this one was stubborn. Then remove the rear retaining ring. Last step is to remove the set screw from the side of the lens that prevents the module from rotating as you remove the ring.
I learned to tighten the barrel in the mount "all the way". Like the Elmar, it is held by friction.

This lens has more contrast than the Industar-22 and Industar-26 (50/2.8). The use of Brass and machining of the collapsible mount is better than the I-61L/D. I suspect the I-50 and I-61L/D use the same low-dispersion glass. Focus movement with the heavy grease is as good as the Elmar. A coated Elmar is running ~$200~$250 these days. This lens can be found with clean glass for under $50. Chances are that it will need a CLA. Easy job.

All shots at F3.5.
The Sun made a brief appearance early this morning- was overcast yesterday.

Some airplanes in blue sky- infinity test. Close-up to infinity focus is good across range. Shot of open sky past treeline, this lens is resistant to flare.

Some slight vignetting at corners: I need to check if the light baffle is inserted all the way into the lens tube.

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