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Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum having only discovered it recently but I've been around for a while on
Just wanted to let any infrared photography enthusiast out there know that although not many places are offering Fujifilm conversions but I emailed Kolari Vision and they now offer X-Pro 1 conversions for $300.00 though it's to on their website yet. I took the plunge and had my X-Pro 1 converted to a full spectrum camera. The turnaround was quick and I had to look really closely to tell that the camera had even bern taken apart. Really good work. I used to as a repair manager at a local shop in Ottawa called the Focus Center in 2003 and I've seen a ton of repaired cameras and mine looked as good as the best work I've seen. The after conversion support and website have been awesome as well.

I'm not going to post images here but will link over to them once I post them in the gallery section.

Just thought I'd let everyone who is interested in IR and full spectrum know there is an option out there now for affordable camera conversion.

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