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I stuck one of these in a "Portrait" thread last night, and it caused me to think that a little something involving infrared (and UV, but ick!) portraiture might be fun here, so I'll kick it off. These were all shot in 720nm infrared.

Chelsea and son Jonah.jpg

This was what is technically known as a happy accident.


Infrared makes for interesting skin tones.

Anthony, indoors, dark store.jpg

Tattoos really pop in infrared. Oddly, henna temporary tats don't show up at all.

Ashley, slight cloudiness.jpg

Infrared sees through most sunglasses. Yup, she was wearing dark sunglasses.

Charlie, indoors, dark store.jpg

IR does impart a sense of cyanosis sometimes in places like the lips.

Meredith, full shade.jpg

But bluish pixies are cool.
From 2006 or so. in the 70's Pop Photo published an article "UnEarthly Infrared" in which the photographer use gelatin filters to achieve some interesting results with IR Ektachrome. IR film is "full spectrum", must be used with filters to block the unwanted portions of the spectrum. Much like a full-spectrum Digital camera, except Silicon is sensitive out to ~1.1microns. Older CCD's were especially sensitive to IR.

My daughter's coat is light purple. Probably an Orange filter. I used to carry a set of Kodak Wratten filters in series V holders for this camera.
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