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The Netherlands
I have uploaded a few images to my gallery.
How can I insert an image easily (likewise mu-43) to a new thread ?
I don't see "insert" below the smilies.

Thanks for your help.
Kind regards, Herman
Hi Herman, when you view your own photo in the Gallery, underneath it you will see "Linked Image:" and some code to the right of that which looks like this:
. Copy that code and paste it into any post where you want the image to appear.

Here's what the code looks like when I view my Gallery image:



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Hi Herman, I'll try to add an insert button. This forum uses different (newer) software than Mu-43, so some things are harder to do!
Herman, I added an "insert" button for you. It says "My photos" instead of "Insert" but functions the same way.
I find this way of inserting images very confusing. Nor have I been able to locate a button that says "my photos". More guidance would be apprciated. Thanks.
Kathy, have you tried the "Go Advanced" form or replying? That's where you can see the My Photos and the options. I haven't tried it yet, as I am rather lazy and use my Flickr site as the means of embedding. Let's see now I think I've done it once here so far.;)

Hope this is of some help!
Thanks BB I have tried to follow embedding from Flickr with little success; but will try again 'if at first you don't succeed' because I really think I should be able to do this:redface:
Let's talk about this via PM. I can help you do it.

Some people upload photos to their galleries and attach them that way as well.

First, thing is review carefully what is described in this thread and read the hyperlinked pages, as well. Then you and I can discuss via private message which way you'd like to handle things.