Sony Interesting article about covering the Tour de France with a Sony A6000

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Thanks Jock. I think I'd seen some of his informal write up on DPR somewhere, but that article was a good bit more detailed. From the Camera Store's mirrorless AF shootout (attached below), which deals mostly with tracking AF, it sounds like the A6000 is good and the GH4 is the class of the mirrorless field at the moment. This seems like the biggest hurdle for mirrorless cameras to overcome and it sounds like they're getting closer and closer. In time I'm sure they'll be notably better than DSLRs. For now, they're not there yet, but soooo much improvement in the last year or so that you have to figure it won't be long until they're as good. Always seeing the last frame during tracking was always a drag to me with earlier mirrorless models, but if it can really refresh fast enough to show you the last frame at 9 FPS and keep up with the action, I can't imagine that being a problem anymore. Although, I have to say, using a DSLR for action shooting for the first times in the past few months has been something of a revelation to me. They really are THAT good and I'm not even using one that's considered particularly good for that sort of thing. Not really an issue for me - I just about never do this sort of shooting. But it's a nice capability to have...


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