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Apologies in advance for the long post but am on a train journey armed with an iPhone and complimentary Gin and Tonic :)

Yes there may be some generalisations and inaccuracies but I'm not sure that the sales figures are all bad news. What's important for Fuji is margin not volume and at around £1000 I would hope there was room for a decent margin on the X100/s for example. Fuji is positioning the X series at the top of the market and as such these are niche, aspirational products compared to the other Japanese competition.

What will be interesting going forward is how long the 'retro aesthetic' will remain popular - Fuji has bought into this concept totally with the X series whilst other manufacturers have hedged their bets a little.

One thing in the article that definitely rings true for me, though, is this:

“When we were little, when we went into our father’s room or our grandfather’s room, there was an important-looking camera on the shelf, and we were told not to touch it because it was valuable,” Mr. Imai said. “We wanted to create that kind of look and feel.”

It was the 'Fujinon Lens System' logo that did it for me - my Dad had a Zeiss Ikon and the 'Carl Zeiss Jena' logo and the colour of the top plate was almost identical. Now this is really clever design and marketing - but how does Fuji extend the appeal of the X series to a younger audience?

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