Fuji Interesting battery usage on XT-2


Aug 6, 2017
Using the camera body on its own of course there is only the one battery to consider. With the grip attached there is now a bank of batteries, three of them, and the difference in usable time is exponential. What I have noticed is just how those batteries are used. The left hand grip battery gets used up completely first, before the other two are even one fuel cell down. I haven't actually gone beyond the one in the red to see what happens further down the line, but it did occur to me that in order to gain the best possible battery life (in terms of time between buying replacements, rather than shooting time) is to rotate the cells between locations, otherwise one battery is being used hard, while the others are just on tickover. Has anyone got any feedback on battery performance further into the available power reserve? What happens when the two grip batteries go into the red, for instance?

Certainly the Expro batteries are perfectly suited to what I do. The one lasts several shoots while the grip is attached. I can't see me running out of battery power, which is something I have heard many people complain about. The saving in cost does seem to be worth it.

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