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This is really interesting. It crashed on my Mac several times but suddenly became stable. Very good effects:

Japanese Zero shot in Yasakuni Shrine museum Yūshūkan with Panasonic Lumix, "enhanced" to look like Fujichrome Sensia 400.

Yokosuka D4Y Type 2 Suisei “Judy”. With Prokudin-Gorskiy 1906 filter. Note "Baka" human bomb on the ceiling. This plane was experimentally fitted with an upward firing cannon so it could fly underneath American B-29 bombers and shoot upwards.

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My Dad saw one of the Baka bombs explode in their B-29 formation. One of the gunners got lucky, the explosion threw the plane 1000ft. The B-29's did not worry about fighters- just Flak. A single gunner could take control of 10 guns, all controlled via a fire control system..

The ME-163 Rocket Plane also used an upward firing gun.

I've detected one virus on a computer when it tried to install itself on a USB floppy. Pull the floppy, put it into a computer booted into DOS- easy to isolate the virus. Same with a USB memory stick and an SD card. Now why would they have hidden executable files on them right from the bubble pack?
Boot DOS,
Attrib *.* -r -h -s.
DIR *.*
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If it matters, I emailed the creator about the problem, and he sent me an answer almost immediately, for what it's worth:

Hello, JXXX!
Thank you for your question.

Dehancer Desktop is available to the narrow group of beta-testers by personal request or with invitation only – we don’t promote it anymore. This software is provided as it is, for testing purposes only and we are not liable for misuse or data loss. If you feel your personal data compromised in any way – please stop using it or block internet connection by any available means.
However, we must clarify that Dehancer is collecting and sending only impersonal data about simple events inside Dehancer only – such as application launch, profile usage stats and the number of exported photos, nothing more. So it’s nothing to worry about.

Please note that we just released the Dehancer OFX plugin for DaVinci Resolve. It’s a legal full-featured software with proper License Agreement, free to try and available for purchase on our website: (Dehancer)

Best regards,
Dehancer Team
Most of my real work is done using computers that are not network connected. It's interesting to see how many programs try searching for a connection- and the error messages generated when they cannot phone home. Then run text-extraction code on the executables and find the URL's and Email addresses embedded into the code. The practice of collecting "impersonal" data seems to go back a long time. Sometimes it's things like Bitcoin Miners that install, one of them disguised itself as an "Image Folder", click to open the Image- and the miner installed itself. When the connection attempt failed, located the offending code.

Yet another reason to run DOS and Wordstar for real work.

What made me suspicious of this code- "It crashed on my Mac several times but suddenly became stable. "
Behavior such as this always gets my interest.
Yes, I'm now far less confident. You were right. But the program has been available to the public for at least 5 years and it seems to be a legit commercial enterprise that wants to be taken seriously.

I extensively searched for the name in conjunction with "malware","virus", "identity theft" and came up with absolutely nothing.