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I went to St Simons Island to shoot a weeding for a friend, I am so glad I chose to take the Leica Q along with the M240 and a couple of other cameras. I ended up doing the wedding shoot mostly with the Q. I'll post some images of the wedding after I sort them out.

Anyway, while on the island, I went to the beach and captured these images of the very fine sand being blown by the strong wind. It was almost all just a few inches off the ground, The stuff got everywhere. It was almost as fine as powdered sugar...

I developed them with LR5



Great photos at land's edge. Superb trip with the camera. The Q is such a fine photographic machine, I'd love to have one, but I'll need to wait ...


Great photos at land's edge. Superb trip with the camera. The Q is such a fine photographic machine, I'd love to have one, but I'll need to wait ...

I really wasn't sure about the Q.... I knew and saw that its a fine camera. Outstanding actually. However, I felt that the 28mm FL was not going to be as useful or versatile as a zoom or the M240 with 2 or 3 lenses. Anyway, I'm happy to report that the Q is an excellent, nearly all purpose instrument. If I'd only taken the M240 and a couple of lenses, I could not have shot the wedding anywhere as successfully as with the Q. I had never shot a wedding before (except casual shooting of family and friend's). I know that wedding photography is something to be taken seriously and involves a lot of work. I was afraid that without a good DSLR body and a fast zoom I would fail to do a good job... I did explain to my friend that I was more of a fine art shooter, I shoot models and also some street photography. So he and his bride were aware of the limits posed by the rangefinder camera.

The light was always a challenge and the nature of the shoot was also not suitable to try and focus compose and shoot all the people in all the circumstances. I did not want to use flash and I did not want to be intrusive either. In the end, the Q proved to be a life saver. I was able to capture a lot of images and I don't think I was too much in the way. I did have to get very close to people though, but they were all great. If I do any more weddings though, I think I'll get a DSLR and one good fast zoom. But for a more casual situation the Q does a very good job.

These are a few I chose to develop in LR5 to send as a sample. What do you think?


I think you're going to have a bride who loves these shots. The groom is happy whenever the bride is happy, so he's going to love them too. For the last one, she might want it straightened (I wouldn't though), and there's a potential distraction in the lower left as candidate for spot-heal.

Light was a challenge for this evening, but the Q certainly gave you range to pull from darker areas without excessive grain. It gave you a wide enough view for group shots (love the officiant - father? - walking the bride to the fore), and more than enough detail to crop for what you needed.

It's great having cameras with aperture right on the lens, and that allow a limit to the slowest speed while bumping ISO to keep an exposure compensation happy. Certainly a lot more fun to shoot than a mirror-slapper, I'd think. :biggrin:


They saw the first 38 or so shots I sent them and they are very happy with them. There were many more and not a few shot under very dim light. I held the M240 steady but the shutter speeds were so slow that the subjects got blurred by moving (I was shooting candids). I'll post a few more which I shot with the M240 even if they weren't perfect just to get some opinions on how to make them better the next time. :)


Here are some images captured with the M240/50mm Summilux M.Some were under very low light (restaurant at night), the others I've better light indoors and out.

I do believe that the 50mm Summilux renders more flattering images than the 28mm FL. But it was much more challenging to use, mostly because of having to step away from the subjects and the manual focus.

The lens begs to be used wide open and capturing candids in perfect focus is very difficult. Obviously some judicious cropping and developing is needed. These images are DNGs exported ooc.

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