Fuji Interesting opportunity to extend usefulness of Canon 600EX-RT system with Fuji X


I have been doing some testing of the just released YN-E3-RT trigger from Yongnou.
This trigger is their option for the Canon 600EX-RT system.
The engineers have found ways to add some features that extend the 600EX-RT system beyond Canon's 2012 and newer cameras.

One capability, particularly interesting to Fuji X owners, is ability to remotely control and fire 600EX-RT speedlites on non-Canon cameras. When GL, the chief engineer, sent me the link to the firmware to test I downloaded and did so. Bottom line, it works.

First the Yongnou supported method; Use the YN-E3-RT in M mode to set power for each group of speedlites. Press the test button to transmit the power settings to the groups. Then proceed to use the YN-E3 in the camera hotshoe to fire the speedlites. It works.

What one has is a remotely controlled manual speedlite capability for their X body.

Non-approved DMW modified approach, use a YN-E3-RT or 600EX-RT in the hotshoe of a Canon camera with the controller set to Gr mode and each group in ETTL. Use the Flash Exposure Compensation scale in each group to setup the lighting scheme. Once you have the lighting scheme you want, it can be shared with the Fuji (or other non-Canon camera) by using the YN-E3 in the hotshoe as a trigger. The non-Canon camera has to have the same ISO and F stop to ensure proper exposure based on the Canon ETTL power settings.

This non-approved approach works because the 600EX-RT keeps the power setting transmitted during the ETTL exposure calculation until it receives a new one. Since the YN-E3 on the non-Canon camera is sending only an x-sync fire signal, there is no power adjustment sent to the camera.

What one has is ability to use X body with same speedlites, in manual mode, that are being used with Canon body in ETTL mode.

If we're lucky Yongnou, when they introduce their YN600EX-RT may be able to add some additional capabilities. Until then enjoy remote manual power control.

(Disclaimer: Yongnou has sent me a YN-E3-RT to test, evaluate and review. I have no other relationship with the company. My first impressions article can be found at http://digifotografi.com/archives/397)


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Very nice. I've been following the Yongnuo developments and even though I shoot Nikon I really like seeing what they're doing with the 600EX-RT compatibility.

I use Yongnuo 622 tranceivers currently, so I'm eagerly looking forward to the upcoming YN-622N-TX hot-shoe controller that will allow adjusting power output on remote units.


This was an out of the blue kind of feature. I had been exchanging emails with GL about how the YN-E3 was working and mentioned that speedlites were firing well after one would expect when pressing the test button. He replied explaining how Canon and implemented the x-sync feature without other communications.

Next thing I know, he has implemented this feature by manipulating the center pin signal.

Very creative guy. Makes me think there will be other interesting features developed for their products.


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I just got my YN-E3-RT and at least on my X-E2 it isn't working as expected. When I hit the GR button to change the power levels it blinks a bit but doesn't change to allow you to modify the power levels. If you remove the YN-E3-RT from the X-E2 you can then do the same thing but it allows you to change the power level. Hit test and it transmits the power level to the flash.

Maybe something changed with the latest firmware. My controller came with version 1.08 and I suspect the version that worked was 1.07. I don't have a PC so can't downgrade the firmware (if that's even possible).


Update the firmware to 1.09.
GL added a Legacy feature to the personal custom functions.
It turns off the control pins. That's what is causing the problem you're experiencing.
When in Legacy mode, which is clearly displayed on the LCD so you won't forget, the YN-E3 works as a manual remote controller for the speedlites.

I also discovered that, if I fired the speedlites via a Canon 5DIII in ETTL mode and had my X camera set the same way for ISO, and Aperture, the speedlites would fire at the power setting communicated by the ETTL setup. Makes using both cameras a breeze with shared 600EX-RTs off camera.

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