Interesting Reading: Mike Eckman's Web-Site with "Keppler's Vault".

Keppler's Vault Archives - mike eckman dot com

I miss Herb Keppler. Read his articles since I was 12- going back to 1970. Have many old Magazines with his articles.

Mike Eckman has posted many of Herb Keppler's articles on his articles on his website.

There are also many interesting camera reviews, especially for Film cameras.

Reviews Archives - mike eckman dot com

Film Photographers beware: these articles could impact your wallet.

Nikon SP (1957) - mike eckman dot com

Fortunately, I have two SP's.

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I also loved reading Keppler in all those old photo magazines.

I have his early books on Nikons and SLR cameras.

What really puzzled me though, in his later years he seemed to profoundly not get the whole idea of digital photography.

He completely disavowed any use of computers. He would "test" DSLRS by shooting a few dozen photos (as jpgs), then sending the memory card in to a photo processor for uncorrected prints. He'd then judge the camera by those results.

A very intelligent and knowledgeable man who adopted a Luddite stance on a new technology.


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Thanks for the tip, I hadn't run across this site before but it's very good. I'm really itching for a good film rangefinder these days, I just have no idea what to get and am blown on all sorts of directions. Konica Auto S3 is high on the list, but so are a half dozen others both cheaper and pricier. A Minolta CLE looks like a lot of fun too. Or a Hexar, or, or...
The Auto S3: very similar to the Minolta Hi-Matic 7s-II. These are late-in-the-game fixed-lens RF's, and not made as heavily as many that came out before. I sold the S3, kept the HM-7S-II. The Canonet QL17 GIII is heavier made, usually sells for less. The Full-Sized Minolta Hi-Matic 9 is much less cost, has a very sharp lens, and a meter that works during manual exposure.

The Minolta CLE is electronic- and parts are getting hard to find. The Leica/Minolta CL is mechanical, easier to get repaired. I have the latter.

If you have not read it-

What is a Rangefinder Camera, and is one right for you? - 35mmc

Feel free to open up a discussion thread for queries about RF cameras. Herb Keppler had some good articles on them when Cosina and Konica brought out Rangefinder cameras 20 years ago.
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