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Amin Sabet

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Jul 3, 2010
Please feel free to introduce yourself in this thread, or if you prefer, click here start a new thread for your introduction. Or just dive into the forums without an introduction. Hope you enjoy LP!


Mar 30, 2013
Hey. I'm bijan. Amin's brother. My primary camera is a leica m9-p. I'm pretty much have the 35mm lux stuck on it but trying to get more comfortable with a 50mm summicron f/2. Glad to be here


Dec 28, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
Phoenix Gonzales
Hi folks, My name is Phoenix I come from Amin's other forums Talk Nex, Serious Compacts and FujiXspot, I'll probably be slightly out of place here since I don't actually own a Leica, but it is something I have always wanted to have and am saving up for an M-E, hopefully in a couple of years I'll be able to afford one.

In the meantime I'll just enjoy the images shared and learn what I can from the people who shoot with them ;)


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Aug 25, 2010
S W France

from over the road at SC - this forum may tempt me to start using my M8 again - spent most of last year with my D300 and 300mm f4 with or without the TC, shooting our feathery friends and the odd Giraffe and Rhino

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Oct 25, 2010
Bergen, Norway
Hello! My name is Vidar, 36 years old, from Norway.

I am also an member on two of Amins other great forums; MU43, and seriouscompacts.

I like the "slow" manual focus shooting that the Leica M cameras make me do, and I just love the quality and feeling of the cameras and those lenses:) But ofcourse the great images these cameras can produce is what I like the most.

Unfortunately I don't have unlimited resources to spend on Leica products:) But with a little saving and buying second hand, and some Voigtlander lenses, I am quite happy with my gear.

I have owned a M2 for some years now, and finally could afford a digital Leica, M8, in december 2012. I am very happy with my M8, but would love to one day get the M9 for the full frame sensor.

The M lenses I currently own is : 50mm Summicron, Voigtlander Nokton 35 1.4 and Voigtlander Nokton 50 1.1. On my wish list I have a pre-asph Summicron 35.

Also just got a nice D-Lux 6 for to use as my "pocket camera".

Looking forward to see lots of great images on this new site!

And Amin, I really like the name, LeicaPlace!


Apr 27, 2012
Highland Park, CA
my name is Q from Los Angeles and also a member of MU-43 and serious compacts

my first leica was an M8, which i just recently sold to buy a panasonic GH3... but after buying an M6 TTL, i made that my main street camera and the M8 would get used for parties and stuff. i just thought the GH3 would be better suited for that. i also have a voigtlander bessa r4m which got a ton of street work before i bought the M6.

my collection of lenses consists of...

leica 28mm f/2.8 elmarit v4
leica 50mm f/2.0 summicron v3
voigtlander 50mm f/1.1 nokton
voigtlander 35mm f/2.5 color skopar
voigtlander 75mm f/1.8 heliar classic

the 50mm summicron stays on the M6 most of the time because it has the .85 viewfinder. the 28mm and 35mm lenses are only used on the bessa r4m.

PS - Amin is kinda making me miss the M8!


Feb 2, 2013
I'm Andrea from CT. After much saving and selling a few other things, I recently picked up a flawless X2 on the micro-4/3s site and despite what all the Fuji Xers say, I love this camera and its stunning images... plus with its simplicity it complements the EM-5 perfectly. Can't wait to get some pointers from all you guys here.


Bring Jack back!
Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
My name is Mutley. But haven't been able to post my avatar yet so that you can see me snickering. I'm a member of every single Amin forum. Although, not very active in the TalkNEX forum (because I no longer have a NEX). I'm the resident gear addict. I take photos with a M9 and have a M7 collecting dust along with rolls of Ilford XP2. Looking forward to a great forum here. Hope we'll have lots of participation.


Super Moderator
Aug 13, 2011
Sunny Frimley
Bill Palmer
I'm Bill, and I am a Leicaholic :)

I started with an M6 over 20 years ago and my trajectory has included most film Ms and a few Rs and LTMs. Today I use a 50 year old M2, an 84 year old II (upgraded from a I in 1934) and an MP4. 85 a la carte. Leica is largely a film thing for me, albeit I use all my Leica glass, including R on digital, for which I use Fuji. I mod over at Serious Compacts and FujiXspot.

I'm very pleased to be here and hope to see Leicaplace prosper as a friendly place to be.




May 6, 2011
I'm Gordon, another Amin groupie from the Serious Compacts "group of companies". I'm equally invested in both Leica and m4/3 with a so far unfulfilled GAS attack for an XE-1. I have a pair of M9's that I use for both work and play and although I don't need it I'll probably get a type 240 after the initial rush calms down a bit (Christmas??). I carry a full set of lenses with Leica 28mm Elmarit ASPH, 90 Summarit and a 135 f3.4 APO telyt plus CV 12mm, 21mm, 35mm 50mm and 75mm lenses.

I'm a full time wedding and commercial photographer. I shot Canon Pro for over 20 years, alongside a Hassleblad in the film days but switched to Leica two years ago to simplify. I like Leica, specifically because of what it doesn't offer. I find it frees the mind so I can just go and shoot, without all the fluff. I'm not anti-technology (I love the EVF and gadgets on the E-M5) but sometimes it's very freeing not to have it in the way.

My M9's are my first Leicas. I have had a few rangefinders before though, including an Xpan (my most loved film camera ever) and a Mamyia 7II. I was a commercial printer for a while including Cibachrome (Ilfochrome) but I don't miss film a single bit. If I never have to make a contrast neg, ever again, it will be too soon.

Out of all of those my favourite by far is also the cheapest. My beloved 50mm f1.5 Nokton LTM. It's stopped me buying a Summilux more than once and is virtually welded to one of my bodies. With this a 21mm and my 90 I shoot 90% of what I do and I'd be quite happy if they were all I could keep. I'm a 50mm guy, for sure. Always have been since my first SLR (an AE-1) arrived with a 50mm 1.4 attached.



Oct 27, 2010
Hi All

There was no bouncer on the door so I snuck in without a Leica. You will find me hiding in the corner, a little bit curious but not enough pennies in the pocket to join in! :eek:

Cheers, Karen


Hall of Famer
Jul 9, 2010
Caguas, Puerto Rico

I'm Antonio and am a participant in SC. Leica Ms have been my "serious compact" cameras of choice since I divested of most of my m4/3 kit. Currently shooting a M9P and a M6TTL along with a set of Leica and Zeiss lenses, as well as a 1954 Rolleiflex 3.5MX-EVS on the side.




Jul 5, 2011
New Hampshire

I'm Thomas and I also belong to most of Amin's other forums. Don't usually post a lot but I enjoy following the discussions. Have been dabbling with Leica M on and off the last 35 years. My first Leica was a demo M2 bought in 1972. I wish I had kept it, but sold it to get some Nikon gear after getting tired of waiting for Leica to provide decent M model with a lightmeter built in. Currently using an M9 and an M4-2 (I know, it dosn't have a lightmeter either :)).



May 7, 2011

This is Serhan coming from the Amin's other forums also:) I don't have any Leica's yet but many rf glass so I'll see what happens in the future.


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Mar 22, 2013
Tacloban City, Philippines
Hello All!

Congratulations to Amin and nice to see familiar names over here...

Dave here, a member of Amin's forums over at Mu-43 and Serious Compacts.

Been a Nikon DSLR user ever since but have relegated these for pro shoots and assignments, used Micro 4/3s since 2009 mainly for travel and street, and somewhere along the way, Nov 2012 to be exact, I have been bitten by the Leica bug. I don't know what happened but I have been color blind since then...


Oct 1, 2011
London, England
My main digital users are Fuji and M4/3 so I am a frequent poster on Amin's other great sites.

I do have a collection of 6 LTMs spanning from 1929 to the 1950s. When I make the effort I shoot the occasional roll on a 1950s IIIF BD. I hope to do a bit more film work in the summer.

As I have a number of LTM lenses I occasionally mess around with them on my Lumix G3 with surprising results.


Sep 4, 2010
Been shooting since I was 10 with my father's Minolta. Ended up shooting mostly Pentax and was fortunate enough to also shoot with a Leica M3. Worked a few photo jobs here and there even in retail then off to college. Spent a bit of time working a Beseler enlarger in my basement before going digital with Canon since Pentax was so late in the game. Priorities changed and sold some Canon gear to fund an Epson R-D1 with some of my old M-mount lenses. I realized that I really missed shooting with a rangefinder, so I sold the remaining bits of my Canon to fund my return to Leica via the M8 and some newer M-mount glass. Now I shoot Leica M8/M9 with Olympus micro 4/3 to compliment.

Still have a sizable collection of Asahi/Takumar Pentax as well as a few odds and ends. Never really found my way into photography professionally so I now work developing software. Takes up way more time than I would like but its kept things comfortable even through these tough times.. so I consider my self lucky. Photography still remains my main past-time along with turning a wrench under a car. I pretty much integrate photography into my daily life shooting anything that comes my way.... even while focusing on our growing family.

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