Introduction to me

Hello, my name is Simon Hughes. I’ve been photographing for most of my life. Although not my job, photography is really a passion for me and I never leave home without at least one camera.

Mostly self taught, beginning with instruction from my father, I read and looked at virtually every photography magazine or book I could get my hands on. I have also had the pleasure of attending workshops with Art Wolfe and Jay Maisel.

Over the years, I’ve been lucky with being able to travel internationally for work and so many of my images reflect this.

Moving from Toronto to Seattle in the late 90‘s invigorated my image making, and the nine years spent there also included international travels. In the spring of 2007, my wife, Marcelle, and I returned to Canada and we presently reside in the Vancouver, B.C. area.

Currently, I shoot m43 (GH1, GF1, E-PL1) as well as a pair of NEX 5. Besides most of the kit lenses, I also use my Voigtländer M lenses on both systems. I love using the NEX with MF lenses and I find the sensor to be the best I've used.

Please feel free to drop by my site and have a look at my work.



betwixt and between
Simon, thanks so much for making the time to introduce yourself. I know you've been a member here since last July, and now I know a even more. Really appreciate this, Simon.

I look forward to your continued involvement here, and have just started looking through the "What's New" photos on your website. One of my favorites so far is #27. I don't want to link to it without your permission - it's the blackbird (possibly a Raven, but I'm not sure) taken with your E-PL1 and the 100-300mm lens. Love the image - it's eerie and kind of haunting, yet it also makes me smile. He's got a great eye and your choice of B&W was a great one. Can't wait to see more, Simon.