iPad Processing: more sophisticated than ever


Jul 21, 2012
Bumping this one up for some fresh eyes...mine included. Please if anyone has more to add about how they use their iPad for pping their photos, please add to the thread.:popcorm2:
Like a few others, I've used Snapseed effectively on a Mk 1 iPad (and on my iPhone 4). I did not find the lack of a Retina display to be an issue. It's good for straightforward PP, including sharpening, improving saturation, brightness and contrast, and for cropping. Some of the effects filters are also useful (Drama, BW conversion). I still rely on LR 4.4 on my Mac for more robust PP, e.g. use of brushes, finer tuning of color channels, etc, but the iPad+Snapseed combo is hard to beat when I am away from the house (or when I am just too lazy to boot up the computer). I used to use the iPad SD card connector to download, but have lately started using Eye-Fi SD cards to transfer directly from camera via Bluetooth.

I also have PS Express loaded on my iPad but have never really tried it; I also recently got Superimpose, but it is more of a masking/photo montage tool. I've used this app for doing goofy things with pictures of my boys.

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supernatural anesthetist
Sep 9, 2011
Cumbria UK
I'm sure I've tried every photo processing / special effect app available for the iphone/pad.
Tried and deleted them all except Snapseed.
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Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
Photogene as mentioned previously, Photoshop (full, not express) and Snapseed, as well as Filterstorm. Lots of extra thingies like the lens light. Just bought alien sky and lens flare as well.
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