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A friend bought an infrared filter and some IR film for fun, and we were wondering if anything fun could be done with said IR filter and my X100. I have an adaptor so the filter will screw on... but will the sensor pick up infrared and render an image? Forget the meter, I can work around that.

Just curious if anyone knows.


Best try it and see, you can't do any harm. I got some interesting results using a 650nm filter on my dp2s.
It'll depend on the filter cutoff (the usual is 720nm) and that of the x100's sensor. You may get nothing
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most digital cameras use some sort of IR blocking filter (I'm not smart enough to know why, but one would assume that is to make better non-IR photos) They don't block the full spectrum of infra-red light, though. Put it on and experiment.

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Welcome to Flickr!

Welcome to Flickr!

Here are some shots i managed to take with my x100+ Hoya HD R72 IR-Filter
And my tripod+timer mode, a bright sunny winterday. Nice effect i think.
Will be getting a x100s hopefully and use my filters again.

Its really nice to see the effects from the backscreen at least in BW mode, if u like shoot that.
Actually, the X100 can be used for handheld IR photography with an R72 filter ( 720 nm ). The sensor has a better than average sensitivity to IR. In fact since obtaining a Ricoh GR the R72 filter is permanently attached to my X100 ( also works with X100S/T). A tripod is also useful in some circumstances as depending on the position of the sun, a hot spot may be visible in the centre of the frame which can only be reduced or removed by the use of smaller apertures necessitating longer exposures. I generally use a tripod and 2 to 5 second exposures at f8 or 11, however I do also use much shorter exposures handheld and achieve good results. It is very important to set the white balance of some well illuminated foliage as for some reason I get better results from jpgs than from RAWs.

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As Chris said... the unconverted X100, handles IR photography really well.

Infrared on the FujiX100...

I use an 'unmodified' X100 for general work, but have found over the years, that the Fuji sensor is VERY sensitive to I.R. light. So much so that you can slap a Heliopan 715nm or Hoya 720nm (R72) onto the lens... do a custom White Balance of grass... set the aperture to f2... select a controllable hand held value (this was taken on 1/40 sec)... and let the ISO take care of itself on Intelligent... and away you go...

If you want to use a tripod... the sky's the limit... literally..
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