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I've been trying to generate more pleasing photos with a few RAW converters, but I can't get better than the JPEGs out of the camera! I bought C1 because of the favorable reviews, and spent a few hours with it and Aperture to make a better photo than the OOC jpegs.....I can't do it. Where can I get better training? Is my capability or are the jpegs that good?


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I would not recommend either Aperture or C1 as primary RAW converters for Fujifilm X users, especially not for those who want them to simulate the look of the camera's JPEG engine, including its DR function.

As mentioned in the RAW converter feature comparison in my X-E2 ebook, there are only 2 options that actually offer working film simulation presets: Lightroom/ACR and Iridient Developer. For C1, I think someone in the DPR forums made some presets, too, simulating the X-Pro1/X-E1 film simulations. Iridient also offers a nice rendering of the DR function with its recovery slider.


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Whoa, why did you buy it? IIRC, you can download a free C1 test version that's fully functional for a few weeks. That's what I recommend for all RAW converters. Try before you buy, as your mileage may vary.


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I'd recommend, if you're on a Mac, to look at Raw Photo Processor, too. For Fuji's Monochrome+Yellow film simulation, at least, I was able to create a workable preset in RPP with little effort. And the application is very capable. I also use Photo Ninja and Lightroom, but RPP is hard to beat for detail, colour handling, and (though the UI may be daunting at first) easy of use.

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