Canon Is the G1X any good for panoramas?


Jul 30, 2013
Blackpool UK
This is an 11 shot panorama in the English Lake District.

I shot it last October from the back door of my climbing club's hut in the Newlands Valley not far from Keswick

I usually carry Sigma DP2 & DP3 Merrills when I'm shooting panoramas but on this occasion I was travelling ultra-light so all I had with me was the G1X.

I shot with the camera vertical at 60mm f/11 and the composite was stitched from TIFFs derived from RAW.

The Sigma DP3 would have been a better choice of camera but the morning light looked so glorious that I just had to see what I could capture with the gear I had available.

I reckon the little Canon acquitted itself rather better than I had any right to expect :whew:

The second file is a blow up from the centre.


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