Leica Is the M9 sensor replacement same as sensor in M240?


I am still waiting to get back my M9 from Leica NJ, and I wonder how the images will be like with the replacement sensor. Has anyone here seen major differences in their M9 after getting a new sensor?
I can only speak for the M Monochrom- I see no difference. My M9 sensor is still good. If it needs to be replaced, having the full CLA and warranty is worth the price Leica is asking.

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Haven't you been waiting a long time?

I don't see any major difference with my replaced sensor. As I posted before, there might be some very minor and subtle differences, but this is possibly due to my imagination. You get essentially the same images.


Someone emailed me that now the color images don't look as good as they sued to (with the old sensor). Is he wrong. Brian? This is good to know.

Yes, I have been waiting for some time now (since last July I think). I have the loaner M240 :)
OnSemi pulled the datasheets for the KAF-18500. The BG-55 cover glass has 10% less transmission than the older S8612. The new CCD has a new Color Filter Array- different dye than the original to compensate. I suspect it will be very close, and you would have to use a calibrated light source and histograms to really see a difference.


Thanks for the technical facts, Brian. The M240 is not bad at all, but the M8 and M9 may have an edge for soft pastel colors (which I try to catch).