Fuji Is the X-T1 and 27mm pancake a better street camera than the X100?


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Mike Evans
Hi everyone,

I have just joined the forum thanks to encouragement from Lightmancer with whom I cooperate on my photography site, Macfilos.com.

By way of introduction, here is a link to an article I wrote a couple of weeks ago on my experiences with the X-T1 and 27mm lens for street work. It has proved to be one of our most popular posts, indicating the interest there is in the Fuji X series.


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Interesting. The tilting LCD is the first big difference I thought of. I basically never shoot with the camera to my eye if I'm trying to get candid street stuff. So the tilt LCD went from "I'm fine without it" on my X100 to "holy crap where have you been all my life" on the XT.


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Robert Wisbey
Hi Mike, and welcome !

I read your article previously (via scoop.it).
I think the OVF a on the X100(S/T) can help you predict a scene better.
Having said that, I too prefer the 40mm equivalent field of view for street photography.
Put a 27mm on the X-Pro1, and you have a killer combo. Ironically, the 27mm is one of the fuji lenses I haven't got.

The leaf shutter on the X100(S/T) is silent. However, the other Fuji-X cameras are pretty much silent anyway.

Another (less killer combo, due to noisy shutter) is a Sony A7 and Summicron-C 40mm.

If Fuji or Olympus were to bring out a digital version of the Olympus SP/UC rangefinder camera with a fixed 42mm/F1.7 lens, it would possibly be a dream come true !

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