Fuji ISO setting through the command control in the X100S?


Feb 24, 2013
For those who have had an X100S in their hands... Do you know if Fuji has improved the use of the command control compared to, say, the X-E1? It just seems that it would be PERFECT to allow one to have it control ISO (maybe after clicking it so as not to mess with program shift, and/or after the Fn button has been pressed). I have played with the X-E1 and it seems so wrong to get a vertical ISO menu that forces you to use the command dial up/down arrows rather than just highlight ISO and let it be changed in place through the command control. That would be infinitely better in terms of ergonomics, and faster to boot.

I'd love to see this come as a firmware update on the X cameras (if it's not in the new ones).

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