Fuji It keeps on calling my name ...


Mar 4, 2012
This is getting to be like watching the stock market!:wink:
Nea stock markets go down faster :))

Anyway I bought it from amazon uk (the price difference with the dutch stores is over 140 euro, though I get a free leather case there)
Has amazon got good customer service for repairs?
It seems I only have one year warranty (2 when I buy in Holland)


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Nov 5, 2010
Down Under
Well other (online) stores have it in stock too at nearly the same price, but the t hing is, i want to be sure i have a 2012 model to avoid sticky aparture blades...
and no i'm not getting the black one :biggrin: , 1599 euro is insane
Great choice Wolf!

Curious that Fuji has never openly admitted to there ever being a sticky aperture blade issue, so be keen to know why you are so sure that a 2012 model sees this 'issue' resolved? ...what in production has changed?


Mar 4, 2012
new employees ? :)

neah , I don't know, maybe their learned what was wrong when they did the repairs on the broken ones ?


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Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Still very happy with my own. I haven't been out and about as much with my camera as usual, but I'm hoping to get away for a mini vacation and it will definitely be accompanying me.:biggrin:

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