Fuji It was a warm and windy day


A long walk this afternoon - not much sunshine, but it did appear for a few seconds here and there:









Gotta tell ya.... If I had scenes like that around me, I'd give up streetshooting and just use my 8x10......

HI there
well - I lose the will to live if I need to setup tripods etc, so there's no 8x10 for me. On the other hand, the M9 with no AA filter and those lenses will easily print to A1 size (as will the A900 with 24mp), and that's big enough for me, so medium format is overkill, let alone LF. The X100 shots will do a decent A2 - which isn't quite what one wants, but hey, it's not bad!

Mind you - there ain't much street around here :)


Jonathan - your processing is exceptional. Very nice images. Thanks for sharing them.
. . . David
HI David
There really is almost no processing - one or two straightened horizons, a levels adjustment here and there, sometimes a drop in the blue luminance but nothing else. I only shoot RAW, and make sure that I don't blow out the clouds (so many people seem to do that).

Thanks for the kind words everyone - you're all welcome to visit, but you'll need to pick the right weather!