It's a mystery


Scott Depot, WV, USA
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Have you ever bought something and forgot you bought it? I'm sure there are one or two of you deep pocketed folk who have a Summarit lens or two hiding in a drawer. :D In my case, it's several magnitudes more mundane. I was rooting around in a mostly unused and forgotten cabinet drawer in my workshop, and came across a set of used guitar tuning machines. Now given my long obsession with stringed musical instruments, that shouldn't sound strange, but I honestly don't recall where or when I got these. They are Schaller tuners, black nylon body, with a metal insert engraved with the Schaller logo and "Made in W. Germany". Some Googling indicates Schaller still makes these, but stopped exporting them to the US 20 years or more ago. They are perfectly functional, smooth as silk, no slop or grittiness, and they are going to go on one of my new ukulele projects. The bushings will have to be polished, but that's it. I took the $$ I saved from buying tuners for that instrument and instead bought a set of solid Ebony buttons to replace the artificial pearloid buttons on the tuners. This one will have to remain a head scratcher for me . . . I don't recall ever having a guitar with these tuners.

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