Micro 4/3 It's a sign!


Sep 19, 2010
If the rumour posted on 43rumours is true that the upcoming 12mm f2 is a super high grade zuiko, then the inescapable deduction must be an equal quality body must on the way to match it ....:)
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Nov 5, 2010
Down Under
Wow there's some compelling u43 lenses out or on the way. An equivalent 35/2 (Zuiko) and 50/0.95 (Voigtlander)!!! :thumbsup: Just need a sharp 21/24mm and a sub f1.4 75/90mm and there's all I need right there!...oh yeah and maybe a 90/100 macro too. Things seriously stop looking compact with me pretty fast...:blush:

Oh the temptation! I can see why y'all are excited by the format. Things are looking good and looking up!
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