It's been 10 good years but it's time to bid farewell.


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Ten years ago today I followed Amin Sabet and BBW over here to the newly resurrected Serious Compacts forum. I was very fortunate to spend some of those early times as a Mod and as the publican of Bill's Pub. There have been very few days when I've not visited at least once and I've enjoyed seeing it thrive and always be the friendliest corner of the 'net. Despite occasional navel-gazing about the name, I believe Cameraderie now truly captures the purpose and the ethos of this wonderful place.

Many of you know I've been battling Parkinson's for a lot of this time and I have to now accept it has beaten me. Sadly it is not the more obvious motor problems but rather the apathy caused by loss of the dopamine rewards system in my brain that is the culprit. Without the 'buzz' that we all get from dopamine when we enjoy our hobby/passion there is little reason to participate or even anticipate.

I am grateful for the friendship, wisdom and of course the images you have shared with me and I feel I have many friends here ( who will be un-named for fear of missing someone). Camaraderie is in excellent shape and will continue to be a 'home' for like-minded (and thankfully open-minded) photographers. I wish you all well and may pop in occasionally.
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I'm sorry to hear that, and I wish you all the best. One of the (many) things I've always liked about this place is that it's never seemed particularly important that one (a) buys cameras, and (b) contributes lots of photographs. There's never any pressure to "keep up" - it's somewhere you can hang out with friends and just talk about the weather and the books you're reading, if you want.

So I hope we will still see you on the site. Once again, all the very best.

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Bill this makes me tear up, not that I know you that well - actually, hardly at all. I've enjoyed your contributions and been moved and inspired by your courage and bravery. I'm hoping curiosity leads you to make an appearance every once in a while. Chronic and debilitating illness potentially lurks around the corner for us all. Thanks for showing us your humanity. Peace and grace to you.


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So sorry to hear that you have been struggling with such difficulties. This forum has been a beacon of light.
From the days as Serious Compacts where we used to see new features and compacts released at a steady pace to the dark days of failing brands and pandemic, I have frequented this space see and share photography. Many frequent contributors have dropped off over the years and that makes me sad. I sometime wonder where those people are and if they knew how much their words and images meant as to Some of us. Hope that you can pop in and let us know how you are doing. If not, then know that your contributions here have meant something to me and probably many others as well!


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I'm sorry to hear of your difficulties, Bill, but am heartened by the notion that you may pop in occasionally. Sometimes just popping in randomly can precipitate all kinds of good surprises - and I hope the ones that come your way will be unpredictably splendid. The word 'farewell', which dates from the 14th century, contains also the notion of 'faring well' on one's journeys and travels - and has always been a way of sharing good wishes as one sets forth, to new destinations. Wherever your destinations lie, I hope the journeys will, in some ways, be nourishing. And please, please for God's sake pop back in occasionally. It's those little things - including those occasional unscheduled 'pop-ins'! - that make the bigger ones worth it.

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