It's nearly time for Single in January 2016 - expressions of interest here, please!

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Why not ever SIJ in which the J is June or July - just to give the northern hemisphere a break?

But on the flip side where it's summer here in Australia, using just the one lens in summer can also be restricting in circumstances where the weather's fine and excellent light is available most of the day; I want to use all of my lenses/ cameras to get the most out of it but will be stuck with just the one during the challenge. I can see myself in certain situations thinking "if only I had (xxx piece of equipment), that would have been great". Using just the one bit of gear in winter would suit me fine.


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Nothing to stop you taking other photos with other equipment and posting them in other places, in addition to your SIJ contributions.
I tend to agree with Richard: For me, in the coming month, the challenge will always come first, but I can't see myself consciously missing opportunities.

I actually have stowed away all my other carry-along cameras (mainly the LX100 that virtually lives in my messenger bag, as well as the GR) and put the E-PL7 with the 12mm in the LX100's space in the bag. I won't reach for anything (digital) that's in my camera cupboard at this moment for a month. So, I'm ready to go.

But depending on how particularily the weekends turn out, I simply may not be able to limit myself to the E-PL7, but will have to use the FF DSLR (mainly for documentary purposes, but also for general photography, depending on the circumstances). Specifically, I won't decline any invitations and obvious opportunities to take pictures just for the sake of the SiJ challenge. This means that the dedicated bags will stay packed and ready as usual, and some of the gear in them will most probably see some use.

However, the E-PL7 will *always* be with me, and *no* other camera will be when I'm *not* out to do photography, and additionally I will go on photo walks with the E-PL7 exclusively as often as possible (most days, I reckon - the camera can cope with low light, after all). All that is in itself pretty uncommon for me these days - and quite a challenge all by itself, to be honest (I've actually got completely used to packing a couple of cameras and/or lenses - it's a bit embarassing, really ...).

What I *will* avoid explicitly is the camera I used in 2015 - the E-M10. In fact, I'm going to take it out for a spell of night shooting today (equipped with a Nikon 50mm f/1.4 on a focal reducer in order get 35mm at f/1.0) and then switch cameras at midnight sharp and do my first shot with the E-PL7 in the first couple of minutes of 2016 - as a kind of initiation :p Anyway, the E-M10 will hibernate throughout January, as will all the rest of the :mu43: gear.


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I think, I am finding myself in a similar position. I have the old G1, with a slightly cracked rear screen, and a 14-42, that won't AF at anything over 25mm, and an OM 50mm. (They do a fine job) But, just bought an OMD-EM5 today, that, will take a few days to arrive. Do I just labor on, with the old stuff? Or, "switch mules in the middle of the stream", and ride the stronger one, the EM5, with the wife's 20mm buckled on? This challenge, to me, is about pushing myself to do better work, not hampering myself to the point of producing less than my best work. I think my children (4), and grand children (14), would be very disappointed. The wife and I would be also. So, I'm going to "switch mules", as soon as possible! But, tomorrow I'll begin with the G1 and 20mm.

One body, one lens, one shot, every day, is about disciplining one/s self to learn to utilize the equipment and operator to the best possible outcome. Hence, the old adage, "beware the man, with only one gun, that knows how to use it well"!

Let the journey begin!


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Hi all,

Sorry for only replying now and my best wishes for 2016!

I've made the full challenge in 2015, but I suggest that for the next SiJ we change the "J" for June or July, would like to explore a different month.

Like last year, I'll also select the Olympus E-PL7, but this time with the 40-150mm R, to force my to use focal lengths I'm not to used to.
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