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Coming back from Glasgow on the train last weekend I became aware I was the subject of another passengers photos.
I don't know how many he shot off , but when I look over he quickly was doing something else. I thought this was quite amusing so I looked away. After about five minutes he was back at it. I could just make him out in the window reflection. I smiled to myself and let he get on with it. Who knows, he may have got a cracking shot.
I'm not that comfortable taking pictures of others in this way, but I love some of the candid/street work others post here.
Have ever been snapped ? Would you, do you mind ? What would be your limit regards length of lens used ?
I guess some things would be obvious like if you were out with your family.
Is it acceptable or not ?
Me, I'm not sure i really care. In fact sometimes I feel flattered. I even think how could I make the shot better for them.
Btw. He was shooting with an iPhone. I know they can take great images.
Cheers all.

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you should be able to figure it out...
I've probably been snapped. I was walking in NYC one day with my wife and was doing a bit of street shooting myself (although lazily - I do much better and more involved shooting when I'm alone) when she informed me that another photographer shot us. I missed it but she didn't. As long as I'm in a public place, I figure anyone that's free to look at me (everyone) is free to photograph me. That's how I approach my own shooting so it would be the height of hypocracy to object if someone was shooting me. I try to be discrete about my shooting and don't like the photographers who get in people's faces to elicit a reaction, so I might be pissed if Bruce Gilson picked me out of a crowd to shoot/harass, but as long as the shooter isn't too obnoxious about it, I'd be fine with it.

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I never mind. I'm no George Clooney. So I'm at least am fairly certain that if someone is taking my photo, it's because they have a story to tell. They aren't taking a shot because I'm so freakish looking they need to share it with their friends.

I occasionally snap shots of strangers if they fit with a scene (or if they are a story unto themselves). Just recently, I've actually begun asking strangers if I may take their photo (when their cooperation will make a better picture). It's not always easy, but so far everyone has said yes.

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