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Aug 31, 2017
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I've missed the show. I'd never heard of Jason Lanier before this, and my primary system is Sony (although A-mount, so ...). I do follow a couple of Sony-centric YouTubers; like any YouTube channels, it's important to consume the content with an understanding of the context in which they're made. While reading that blog I discovered a few dysfunctional commentators that I don't think I'll start following.


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Jan 19, 2015
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I follow Jason on Youtube and was disappointed when rumors started about this last year.

Two thoughts:

1- Jason has a bit of a bad boy attitude in his videos. He wears Affliction attire, gaudy jewelry, etc. He constantly talks about going against the norm, scoffs at traditional photographers and for sure has an I am a superior photographer attitude. And after watching quite a few of his videos he has a very flirtatious attitude with his female models. All of this makes it not hard to believe he could think he is above the rules.

2- We in the USA and many other countries are supposed to have an innocent before proven guilty system. But so often sensationalism and hearse speak so much louder than any facts. And as is so often in these types of cases there is very little proof or evidence beyond personal testimony.

We as casual outside observers may never know the truth behind accusations like this. I hope he is not guilty, but I also would not be surprised if he was.
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I've ignored The Angry Photographer's videos since mid way into the first one I saw on my recommended feed. Didn't like that guy at all. But Jason's vides got my attention through maybe a dozen videos. That was probably due to the prevalence of beautiful models, but his arrogance and demeanor finally got to me and I didn't watch any more videos from him after that. Unfortunately, this thread got me hooked into the drama for about an hour before I remembered I didn't like 2 of the featured performers. If I could pass along any advice to the participants, I would suggest the models stop posting about this and start taking legal advice seriously. I don't really care what Jason or Ken do, but they deserve their day in court too. All the rest is just manipulated drama.
The problem with all of this is without evidence it is all a he said/she said situation. A problem with working with models is that it can be very intimate at times and if strict boundaries are not set, I can see that those boundaries can be crossed quite easily.

An important message for both photographers and models is to protect yourself and not to put yourself into situations that can be seen as compromising. My 15-year-old niece is pursuing a modeling career. She has been in several paid shows and photoshoots. We have had a few brief discussions about being careful and how some men can be aggressive. She is 15 but looks 18 and several older men have already been flirting with her.

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