Sony Jazz concert photo tips?


Jan 30, 2013
At an intimate jazz dinner club, I'll be sitting up close, less than 10' from the singer, with typical concert spot lighting. I'd appreciate any tips, recommended settings, and/or things to avoid to take clear shots unobtrusively. Thanks.


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Mar 27, 2013
Don't use your camera just the Fuji F660EXR but .. consider movie mode

I did exactly that last night with a 5 person band in a local jazz club
Fairly close I used Ratio 16:9 Shot in BW (First Movie I made with the camera or ever for that matter)
I used iso 800 but the lighting was awful

Just set it up & filmed - no pan no zoom

Make sure you use tripod or set the camera on a steady surface (ask me how I know)

One thing i noted was that a still shot was a lot brighter & nicer than the movie mode so test movie quality first (ask me how I know)

I also found the sound quality to be more than acceptable

Now I need to find a freebee video editing package to overlay some stills on the judder segments


Aug 19, 2012
Southern California
Gary Ayala
Sit close, use a long lens for tight images. Usually, in small clubs there's a lot of distracting stuff along the edges and back. Zero in on individual performers. Mix up your shutter speeds, go slow shutter to show some movement, go fast for crisp sharpness. Dunno what camera you will be using bit start out at ISO 1600, wide-open, and adjust you speed accordingly. If your shutter falls to low, then adjust your ISO to 3200 (if your camera's 3200 is usable, if not then start at ISO 800 and move up to 1600). Enjoy the music.



Jan 30, 2013
Fruits of your suggestion

Using a RX100, I tried for tight shots @ ISO 3200, 1/100. With clear zoom, no choice on aperture--4.9. Here are a few I liked. Next time I'll shoot some at 1600.

Thanks for your suggestions.

That's Joan Osborne with the Holmes Brothers, by the way, and the music was fantastic!


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