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I wandered into a Best Buy today (a Sunday)... one that wasn't even one of the two near my home. This one was in the Princeton area (New Jersey... near the university). It turns out that, despite the late hour (6pm on a Sunday) there was, to my astonishment, a Fujifilm representative there with an X10 dangling from a strap around her neck.

She was surprised that I recognized the camera and promptly handed it to me to play with. I confessed to her that I really liked the X10 but was concerned about purchasing one unless I knew it was one with the new sensor. She was aware of the orbs issue and said all X10s currently on sale in stores had the new sensor. In fact, the serial number of the camera in my hands began with 21A, so I was optimistic.

It turned out there was only one X10 left in the store - and none in any other Best Buy nearby. "Sign me up," I said. I was handed an X10 box moments later with a serial number that began with 22A. Did I mention that I had a $150 Best Buy gift card left over from Christmas? So, I am now an X10 owner after all this time... and I paid $399 plus tax. And the cherry on top of the sundae is that it appears the cameras currently in stores have the new sensors.
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