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Thanks @ricks. I've seen that guy's work before, he is quite talented. I used to build model cars when I was a teen, even won a local model car contest and had one of my cars featured in Model Car Science magazine after submitting some photos I took (I didn't recognize that I might have photo skills then because I was just into model cars). They even sent a photographer to one of the stores I bought most of my model kits and stuff at. He was actually a portrait photog MCS contracted with and he spent the rest of the day shooting kids and couples. He sent me a couple proofs of the car, but had the gall to tell me I had to pay for any prints I wanted. So, I just kept the proofs, and the copy of the magazine of course, and showed them off. As years went on, I lost the magazine and one of the proofs and the other one has faded considerably.

I tried to upload a pic of the model car, but kept getting an error message.

Anyway, I'm not into model cars or model anything anymore. I like going out in my Jeep to get landscapes mostly. Two fun things to do in one.

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