JTec Camera Accessories for the Sony NEX-5


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I'm happy to share the news that our friend, photographer Ted Johnson, has been working to develop precision engineered accessories for the Sony NEX-5. His company currently has three accessories available for sale.

From the JTec website:

JTec announces three precision machined components for the Sony NEX-5 Interchangeable Lens Camera

First is our NEX-5 Cold Shoe Viewfinder Mount for mounting an optical viewfinder of your choice. It allows you to use your favorite prime lens (with appropriate adapter) with an optical viewfinder, allowing the quick framing required in capturing event or street scenes. No longer will you have to hold the camera at arms length to frame a scene. Your camera is at your eye, promoting a steadier and more accurately framed shot. The phrase “f8 and be there” is now a reality with our NEX-5 Cold Shoe adapter.


In order to take best advantage of the capabilities of the NEX-5, especially the Sweep Panorama® mode, JTec is also introducing two ways to to attach the camera to a tripod: a simple NEX-5 Camera Plate Tripod Mount and an NEX-5 L-Bracket Tripod Mount.

Our JTec Camera Plate allows your camera to be mounted to any Arca-Swiss style tripod head, and makes convenient landscape panoramas possible.


The JTec L-Bracket also allows panoramas to be taken in portrait orientation, and gives you the option to tripod mount your camera for taking high quality portraits.


I know that if I were an NEX shooter, the JTec Cold Shoe Viewfinder Mount would be high on my shopping list.

For more information, visit: JTec - Camera accessories for the SONY NEX-5


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Ted's been a friend of the site for a few years now. My understanding is that he is shooting with an NEX-5 and developed these accessories as a labor of love.


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That's really cool. The Nex 5 is really a great camera...
you should try it out again Amin...
Doctors orders....:biggrin:

My impressions of the NEX-5 were very positive, but it's not the one for me. I like shooting at eye level with an integrated viewfinder. Also, I love my MFT lenses, especially 20/1.7, 25/0.95, and 45/2.8.


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I just now received word that JTec will be joining Lensbaby as a sponsor of this site :2thumbs:. Welcome, JTec!

I would like to clarify, however, that the above post was written prior to sponsorship, ie not in exchange for pay. Ted has been contributing to SeriousCompacts.com for nearly three years now (long before it was a forum), and I am very happy to help spread the word about these products which are of interest to our growing NEX user group.


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Great news but where do we get the viewfinders??? Guess I have research to do, esp. for Nikon lenses. I got my Nikon adapter today and I'm enjoying testing out my few primes.